I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the impressions left behind by leaves after a rain lately. I have a lot of these that I will post later on, but here are a couple for now as well as some other leaf based ‘incidental collage’.





All Pics by Jeff K. 2017 All Rights Reserved

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I captured these images on my way to work in Berkeley one morning. There was a wall that was in the process of being stripped and primered and the process itself yielded some interesting textures and colors. This was all gone the next day which made it an interesting bit of ephemeral art. Collage and Slideshow versions included.

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Highways and Byways

I shot this from the subway, I like to shoot from the subway as I often get some interesting perspective interplay with the reflected lights of the train car and whatever is outside, speeding by us. This was shot while we were at a standstill, so I was able to capture a bunch of slightly different versions of this section of crossways.┬áHere’s one:


My contribution to the photo challenge prompt “Edge”

Pic by Jeff K. 2016