Dresden B&W

2018-02-20 13.11.06-2

Mostly from the Zwinger Museum and a few from around town. These were taken during a tour I did with Turn Me On Dead Man which you can read about on my other blog DaDaEntry23 with color versions of these as well.

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European Graffiti Pt.3 Italy

Another set of Graffiti from Southern Italy. These were from around Pescara and some were shot on our drive to Castelfidardo while on tour, hence the reason some of these are a bit blurry.

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For more from this trip visit DaDaEntry23

European Graffiti

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I spent the better part of these past couple months preparing for a 2 week European tour with Turn Me On Dead Man which I just returned from past weekend.

As per usual, I took a zillion photos. I plan to share most of those along with a bit of a tour journal on my other blog, but I also plan to share choice shots over here. Perhaps I’ll link to the tour journal posts from here, so you can see more pics from the journey. We started in Southern Italy and traveled through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The Swiss Alps were mindblowing and  the architecture everywhere was something to get lost in. Time travel is the name of the game.

I’ll start with some Graffiti shots, mostly from the final leg of the trip in Germany. Most of these were shot from a vehicle speeding down The Autobahn at 130kph toward Frankfurt! There are also shots from Leipzig and a few from Berlin. Stay tuned for more to come!

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