All Tomorrow’s Afterparties

ATAP 003 PMdHere are a few photo’s from a recent performance I did in Berkeley. I had some fun editing them. I also included the video of the show for anyone interested.

The main set consisted of myself (Alphastare) and Infinite Plastic Internal

Also there was a ‘wildcard set’ that consisted of IPI and Alphastare as well as a few folks whose names were randomly drawn from a hat. There is also a short clip of that nice little bit of meditation.

photo (19) PMd

photo (13)

ATAP 010 PMd

Wildcard Set: Monica B. and Mark Pino

photo (26)PMd

Wildcard Set: Amy Reed and Mika P. (behind)

Alphastare vs. IPI Video by Monica Berini, ‘Wildcard Set’ video Steve Fong

All photo’s by  Jeff K. 2015 All rights reserved


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